The world’s annual technology spectacle in Las Vegas this year did not fail to wow the more than 180 000 industry specialists, who descended on CES, seeking a glimpse of the next big thing. And they did not leave disappointed. More than 20 000 products were launched in 2019!

This year's Consumer Electronics Show was all about the gadgets getting smarter. Artificial intelligence powered by 5G is the future. Here are a handful of some the weird and wonderful technologies that stood out.

Samsung – The Wall 
Don’t be confined by size, says Samsung.

Want to cover that entire boardroom wall or reception area with a television screen? Samsung is saying that in future you will no longer be limited to a specific size of television. The Wall, a modular Micro LED display, offers flexibility in screen size, allowing users to customise it to fit any room or space.

The technology is made up of individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce brilliant colours on-screen. Imagine Lego blocks. The panels can be clicked together in the same way. The amazing thing is that there are no borders. You literally see one massive television, and it is in 6K!

Your insurance company will LOVE this!  

They call this product the most intelligent leak and flood protection system in the world. It certainly lives up to this claim. It can detect a water leak within five seconds and shut down the water supply automatically to prevent any flooding. It will then alert you via email or SMS. The technology itself is really smart. The sensors sit on your piping at the most vulnerable areas where leaks are likely to start. They talk to a central hub and as soon as a leak is detected, the LeakSmart Snap Valve Controller shuts off the water supply. The beauty of this product is that it does not even require any tools to install. This is exactly what the Internet of Things is all about. When we talk about billions of devices connected to the Internet sharing data, LeakSmart is a classic example. Think of how much insurance companies could save on flood payouts if leaks were detected timeously.

Lamborghini LBF-750 Massage Chair
You really need this in your office!
Price $30 000

Now here’s something every company should invest in for the wellness of their staff. I’m not sure how you will get HR to approve it, but good luck – it costs around R400 000!  

The Lamborghini LBF-750 massage chair has the same styling trends as the legendary Italian sports car manufacturer. I mean, you have to live up the name right? But is it worth all that money? Well I tried it at CES and I was in love! You really feel like you are sitting in something special! It has a 5.1-inch sound system that lets you choose a range of relaxing music. The sensors built into the chair are amazing, they sense your body type and you can customise the experience you want. It even has built-in lighting to set the mood. It massages every part of your body from your neck to your arms right down to your feet simultaneously. It even does a head massage that uses binaural beats (special frequencies that help you increase your focus and get better sleep). After sitting in this chair for 15 minutes I felt rejuvenated and my lower back was thanking me profusely – CES can be very demanding, you know!

Doppel Stress Relief Wristband 
An innovative way to deal with stress.

Price $219

As an executive in 2019, how would you rate your stress levels out 10? If you are anything over a 7, listen up! The Doppel wristband introduced at CES 2019 might just be for you. It works by creating a silent vibration on the inside of your wrist which feels like the ‘lub-dub’ of a heartbeat. Doppel's natural, psychological effect works in a similar way to music – slower rhythms are calming, and faster rhythms help you feel focused. This is not a smartwatch and it won’t count your steps. Research shows that as humans, we respond intuitively and naturally to different rhythms. Doppel’s silent beat is non-distracting, so you can feel calm and focused, anytime and anywhere. For those who are sceptical, recent research published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports has shown a measurable calming effect across both physiological and psychological levels amongst participants. 


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