A breakdown of the latest tech from smartphones to notebooks and what they have to offer.

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Same design with new enhancements

Price from $699 to $949

It was just over 10 years ago that Apple released the first iPhone to the world. Since then, companies like Nokia and Blackberry, that didn’t anticipate the disruption that Apple would cause, are now history. Apple has since sold 1.2 billion devices.

Last month, fans waited with anticipation to see what Apple would launch for their 10th anniversary.

Apple continued their current trajectory by introducing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. They look similar to the previous range, but there are some big changes. The back of the phone is now made of glass. Don’t panic! Apple says this glass is the toughest ever used on an iPhone. The new device features Apple’s new A11 processor that makes the phone at least 20% faster. It also has an improved camera and, for the first time, wireless charging. 

Apple X

The future of the smartphone, according to Apple

Price $1 000

But wait there’s more… or rather, in Apple lingo, “we do have one more thing”. Tim Cook introduced to the world the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) – calling it the future of the smartphone.

The new phone is very different to any other iPhone. The size is in between the 8 and the 8 Plus. The magic is in the screen. Apple’s flagship device features an edge-to-edge Super Retina HD display – you don’t get a sense of a border. The home button is gone and the device now uses 3D facial recognition to unlock and authenticate you. You simply swipe your finger in an upward motion from the bottom of the screen to access it. It will also feature wireless charging. But let’s not forget the big stuff though – Apple has taken the emoji to the next level by introducing animoji. The front-facing camera scans your face and then uses a character that you choose from their selection to mimic your expressions in an animated way. I know what you’re thinking… right now you’re probably rolling your eyes and asking yourself, “Is this what humanity has come to?” But prepare to dig deep into your wallet. This device is Apple’s first $1 000 phone, so don’t even think of starting to do that conversion into rand. I do predict, even though you might be brushing me off, that you will be using those animojis.

Samsung Note 8

Possibly the most complete smartphone in the world

Price R19 000

The Samsung Note 8 is not only beautiful but, from a practical point, it is probably one of the most complete smartphones on this planet right now. It truly is a magnificent device. Take all the controversy about phones exploding and phones catching alight out of your mind. The Note 7 was a disaster for Samsung. They have spent massive resources to make sure it never happens again. For starters, every device goes through a thorough 8-step battery check process. The unique selling point of the Note 8 is the S-Pen. They have added even more features than before and made the S-Pen a lot more user-friendly, so a digital handwritten note feels very real. The Quad HD Super AMOLED infinity display right up against the edges makes the phone feel bezel-less. One of my favourite features of the phone is the app pairing. You can open two apps simultaneously, side by side on the screen and use them on one screen. No need to toggle between apps.

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

Price R29 000

Dell’s XPS range of notebooks is their premium range of computers that have the best of everything. They are made out of carbon fibre, machined aluminium and the screens are hardened with Gorilla Glass. The XPS 13 2-in-1 is a tablet and a computer in one. The screen swings 360 degrees so you can use it as a tablet. I loved the fact that this Windows 10 Pro machine has a touch screen; it really makes such a massive difference when doing tasks and presentations. If you’re a macOS user, don’t test this computer, you may fall in love and file for divorce from your MacBook. The XPS 13 has an UltraSharp Quad HD+ display, Intel’s top-of-the-range processor and a 9-hour battery life, and weighs just 1.24kg. It’s a great device but boy is it expensive! Once you start using it though, the quality of the computer will bring down your anxiety level of what this cost your credit card.


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