Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Giant screen and an amazing camera – the ultimate business iPhone! Priced from R26,000 Apple’s new range of iPhone 12 phones – the

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Giant screen and an amazing camera – the ultimate business iPhone!

Priced from R26,000

Apple’s new range of iPhone 12 phones – the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone mini and the beast, the iPhone 12 Pro Max – are in a class of their own. They each feature a beautiful new design with a more refined, elegant look, and the A14 Bionic chip can perform 11 trillion operations per second through the 11.8 billion transistors. Those numbers may sound complex, but it is mind-blowing what these guys can achieve year-on-year compared to their previous chip. What it means to you and me is that your new iPhone graphics processor unit (GPU) is running at a blistering pace. Imagine a Ferrari with 30% more performance!

The new devices also have Super Retina XDR display for a brighter, more immersive viewing experience. When you shoot videos or photographs, they actually look better on the iPhone screen than through the naked eye. The new phones also come standard with 5G connectivity and feature a new ceramic shield on the glass, which means that the phones, according to Apple, are four times more drop resistant.

But the flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max is the one that reigns supreme! With a massive 6.7-inch screen and a battery that will last up to two days, this device is the ultimate business iPhone. These iPhones are all about the camera. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a camera system that takes jaw-dropping photographs and videos. What sets this iPhone apart are its three rear cameras – ultra-wide, wide and telephoto. This flagship model is also able to shoot in RAW mode. The Pro Max has a unique Lidar technology that can use a laser to measure the light conditions and map an area to help the user take better photographs in low light.

Dolby Vision HDR (high dynamic range) is another unique feature on the new iPhones that give users a broader range of colours when shooting video – the closest you will come to Hollywood-like movie quality!

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G

The king of android phones!

Priced from R28,000

Not to be outdone, Samsung launched their latest S21 devices – the S21 5G, S21+ and their flagship S21 Ultra 5G. A new design, these pro-grade cameras with even more innovations will make Samsung’s new range of phones appealing to users looking for a device with great performance, and a long battery life.

Samsung has always had the most incredible screens – the new dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display are the brightest and smartest to date!

Remember the Thrilla In Manila? Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier? The iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung’s S21 Ultra 5G are the phone version of that legendary fight.

The S21 Ultra 5G is beautiful and a beast at the same time. It features a 6.8-inch display that is 25% brighter than the previous model.

Like the new iPhone, it’s all about the camera. The S21 Ultra features a quad rear camera system – ultra-wide, wide and dual tele-lenses. The 108MP pro sensor will allow you to shoot in 4K at 60fps across all lenses, including front and rear four lenses.

Samsung is bringing the fan-favourite S Pen experience seen in the Note devices to the Galaxy S21 Ultra – a great addition for those who need the functionality, such as drawing to note-taking to editing photos and signing documents.

It is an incredibly well-built device that feels comfortable in one’s hands despite the size.

Sherpa 100PD

The ultimate power bank!

Price R6,000

With power outages and remote working, you need a reliable way to get power when you need it for your phone and notebook and, in fact, most electronic devices.

The Sherpa 100PD from Goal Zero is an airline-approved power bank that features a massive 256,000 mAh battery to charge a notebook with USB-C power, smartphones, tablets and even DSLR cameras. It can even charge devices wirelessly! You would think that a power bank like this would be heavy and bulky, but it weighs just 650g and is slightly larger than a small tablet.

And it really is packed with power; you can get to as many as 19 charges for your DSLR, seven smartphone recharges, three for tablets and one and a half recharges on your average USB-C laptop.

Sensibo Sky

Turn your dumb air conditioner into a smart one!

Price US$99

Now, this is a very cool gadget. Most air-conditioners out there operate with a remote control. Newer models feature built-in Wi-Fi that you can control via an app.

What Sensibo Sky does is help you turn your ‘dumb’ air-conditioner into a ‘smart’ air conditioner. The infra-red gadget communicates with the air conditioner and the built-in Wi-Fi talks to your home network which, in turn, talks to the Sensibo app allowing you to turn on your aircon and adjust the temperature from wherever you are.

You’re probably asking why you would want to do that? Well, quite simply, it’s all about convenience. Let’s say it is a really hot day, for example, and you are on your way home. Would you not like to walk into a cool home instead of walking into a furnace only to wait for the aircon to cool the temperature down? Turn on your unit on the way home. Also reaching for the aircon from your couch could result in you pulling a muscle in the process. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

On a serious note, though, the Sensibo Sky allows you better control of your air conditioner, monitors your energy usage, makes it easier to add timers and generally operate it more efficiently!


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