Do yourself a favour and put together a capsule wardrobe.

We continually look for ways to simplify our life yet our wardrobe remains stuffed and overflowing. Now it’s time to simplify it. There are many methods and inspirations out there for wardrobe simplifying – from Marie Kondo’s tidying “Does it bring you joy” technique to those who wear the same thing every single day, it’s all about less is more. Now the latest buzzword for clothing organisation and choices is “capsule wardrobe”, and we can see why.

Basically, this is a collection of items which firstly you love, secondly are extremely versatile. They all can be worn with each other and allow you to put together many great, easy outfits.

Two key things to remember when starting your capsule wardrobe: 

1.     Starting a capsule wardrobe can be tricky and expensive so don’t just throw everything out – your new capsule collection without a doubt is made up of items that you already own as well as new items. But it is about reducing.

2.     You shop once a season to add new, quality items to your capsule wardrobe.

Choose your magic number:

There are some bloggers that say their magic number is 20 or 37 but realistically 40 is a good number. You won’t get bored but at the same time, your wardrobe won’t be overflowing (especially with items that you never wear, are saving for that occasion/weight loss). Blogger, Oh Happy Day swears by her 12-piece wardrobe but that's a little extreme for us.

Now it’s time to select your pieces, think about:

Versatility – you need to uses pieces in more than one way so you can’t have a statement dress or tuxedo in a minimalist wardrobe. However, having said that, your wardrobe needs to match your lifestyle so don’t get rid of your suits should you need them.

Colours – go for neutrals and no prints. Think black, white, grey, navy and maybe khaki if you insist on colour.

Quality – this is a reducing, simplifying, organising method it isn't about cheaper items. Less is more so you need to invest in quality items which are going to last and look good for the entire season.

Our must-have items on your list:

The perfect jeans

A great white tee


Relaxed blazer

Leather jacket

Finally, how to put your outfits together:

Because you have selected neutral, versatile items you should be able to put looks together easily. Everything should work together, so wondering if this shirt goes with these pants shouldn’t be a problem. Remember, this wardrobe is not full of statement items. When getting dressed, to still bring interest into your look, think about layering and accessory choices – swopping shoes can dramatically change your look. Layering is always key – adding a cardigan and blazer or a simple tee on its own can have very different results.

Example of a capsule collection of 40 items for women:

10 tops: make sure this includes the perfect white shirt and some classic tees (in black, white and grey).

8 “next layer” tops – include a leather jacket, trench, charcoal cardigan, a great blazer and a mélange tracksuit top.

2 dresses – one for work, one for play. Keep them neutral and make sure they work with your leather jacket and cardigan.

8 bottoms – your perfect jeans, the best black pair of pants, a skirt or two, athleisure shorts/ track pants, shorts (if in doubt a denim pair is your answer).

8 pairs of shoes – sneakers, great flats, sandals, heels, ankle boots, casual athleisure inspired and that pair you can’t be without.

4 accessories – 2 bags and 2 scarves

Example of a capsule collection of 40 items for men:

10 tops, make sure this includes your shirts, golf tees and some T-shirts. 

8 “next layer” tops – include a blazer, leather jacket, trench as well as some knitwear and sweater tops.

2 suits – one for work, one for play. Keep them neutral and make sure they work with your leather jacket and cardigan.

8 bottoms – light and dark jeans, chinos, athleisure shorts/ track pants, shorts and some casual shorts.

8 pairs of shoes – sneakers, work shoes, boat shoes, slops. 

4 accessories – 2 bags and belts


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