Cold days often mean one’s fashion sense gets chucked out the window – no crops nor flattering silhouettes when it comes to icy temperatures at 5am when warmth is all you can think about.

The best advice you can get this season would be, “go for layers”. And, at the risk of sounding like my older sister when I was in high school and showing too much skin, the fact of the matter is that layers do really answer all your style questions as we find ourselves in winter.

Let’s face it, cold days often mean one’s fashion sense gets chucked out the window – no crops nor flattering silhouettes when it comes to icy temperatures at 5am when warmth is all you can think about. That's why layering provides a practical yet totally on-trend solution. Secondly, layers mean “keeping your options open” should the day suddenly present beautiful weather, or if your boss springs a must-seal-the-deal meeting, let alone a spontaneous night out.

Of course, we mean layering like Miu Miu, Gucci, Céline and Marni did on the runway, not like an old bag lady! This doesn't give you free reign to just wear everything at once.

5 tricks (for men and women) to make it easier: 

1.     Don’t be afraid of socks

No, it isn’t practical to show off those bare ankles, and yes, I am talking to you too, men. Socks get the stamp of approval this season. Socks and cropped trousers are your first step in layering (and warmth).

2.     Look for different textures

Doubling up your knits can be the easy way to master the layering trend but make sure you layer different textures or types of knits. A thin jersey under a chunky knit looks bold and on-trend. Textures also allow you to embrace all other key trends like sheer (seen at Miu Miu and Victoria Beckham) and a bit of sparkle (think Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs), layer it all and you are good to go. Men – knits under your coats and blazers, shirts and socks can show and if you are keen for that European look. Also, consider a turtleneck.

3.     The parka, the trench and coats are your friend

That’s right, these babies are the final layer on your look. Remember you don’t have to stick to traditional colours (army green parkas) and camel trenches to make these items work. The tie-style of a trench is a layering dream, left open shows off all your styling work underneath while it still means business on top. Coats with contrasting collars (faux fur or sheepskin) are great.

4.     It’s all about accessories

Gloves, hats and definitely scarves are key items in layering. Basically, don’t set foot out the door this winter without a scarf. Large handbags or on-trend man bags are key, too – adding another texture to your thought-about look. For women, jewellery counts as a layering accessory, too – go for a bunch of bangles over your sleeve or a statement necklace on the outside of your turtleneck.

5.     You are not a rainbow

Layering does not mean everything in your wardrobe. Stay away from clashing colours and rather choose a palette (muted) within which to work. Don’t add a pop, don’t decide to “try something different” this season and go for that multicoloured sweater, but rather look within your key palettes and find interesting textures. Colour combos that always work: greys and camels; khaki, army green and black, denim and camel.

Shops to try:

For great casual wear, like tees and hoodies: H&M

Best oversized scarves: Zara

On-trend coats and footwear: Country Road, Trenery


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