GIBS climbs the international rankings

In line with its commitment to deliver powerful learning experiences for managers and leaders, GIBS has again been ranked by the UK’s prestigious Financial Times as the top provider of executive education, not only in South Africa but also across the African continent. GIBS moved up six places to 36 in this ranking.

The ranking affirms the school’s position as leading the way in delivering high-quality education on the continent, and unequivocally shows that GIBS’ learning experiences are on par with other internationally acclaimed global providers. It’s the 16th year in which GIBS has been ranked by the FT.

The overall ranking evaluates customised programmes for corporate clients (custom) and public programmes (open-enrolment). The FT ranking is based on survey responses from clients and participants, as well as data provided by business schools. This year, 80 business schools offering customised programmes and 75 offering open-enrolment programmes worldwide were ranked.

“GIBS strives to add value to its clients by providing globally competitive business and leadership development, making them more competitive in a rapidly shifting context,” says Professor Nicola Kleyn, Dean of GIBS. “Our climb in the FT ranking is a positive signal that GIBS is indeed delivering what clients expect and that we are meeting the needs of business both for today and for the future.”

According to the ranking, GIBS stood out when it came to criterion such as:

·      Growth, which looked at revenue growth for both custom and open programmes as well as repeat business, where the school ranked 5th and 13th respectively;

·      With regards to the Future Use criterion, GIBS was ranked 26th in the world with clients saying they were highly likely to reuse the school for other customised programmes in the future;

·      GIBS’ commitment to diversity: The ranking highlights that 50% of open programme participants are women, and this has placed the school 19th in the world with regards to ‘female representation’;

·      When it came to Faculty which looked at the quality of teaching, GIBS scored the near-median of 37 out of 80 schools under open programmes; and

·      In custom programmes, the school ranked 13th for Partner Schools where some of the components of the teachings were delivered in conjunction with other Equis and AACSB-accredited business schools. The school has partnered with schools such as Harvard Business School, giving delegates a holistic perspective of the global landscape.

Executive Director: Custom Programmes at GIBS, Lerato Mahlasela said, “Organisations across the globe are being challenged to remain relevant, innovative, agile and responsible. They are continually looking to skill and sometimes even reskill their employees. Our inclusive portfolio of learning solutions, from custom skills programmes to academic qualifications, continues to support organisations in this regard. We are delighted that our efforts are once again recognised.”

Executive education gives executives an opportunity to hone their skillset and progress their careers to the next stage. The school aims to deliver learning that meets the challenges of the market and groom management talent to take on the challenges in the rapidly changing business environment. Through embracing innovation and digital transformation and keeping abreast of global trends, GIBS aims to continually enhance its offering.



International recognition for GIBS

International recognition for GIBS

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Your Vote, Your Future

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