Funky or Fun. Far-fetched or Absurd. Classic or Alternative. ACUMEN’s motion maestros check out six incredible ways of having fun while moving from Point A to Point B …


1)  On your feet: 

WHAT IS IT: Asics Gel-Fuji Attack 4 Trail Shoes

WHY DO YOU WANT IT: This should be your trail weapon of choice if you want a neutral and hard-wearing, yet responsive, set of footwear. The Gel-Fuji Attack 4 is a low profile trail shoe specifically designed to assist off-road runners who suffer from over-pronation. The shoe’s aggressive outsole pattern and forefoot Rock Protection Plate makes it the top choice for a wide range of trail users.

DESIGN USPs: The technical jargon won’t make sense to most buyers, but you will feel it in your feet! Simply put, the superb forefoot protection and a heel gel unit makes this a superbly comfortable shoe for the long haul. Great traction from the full contact outsole and discreet Eyestay lacing technology means you get a shoe that is stable and built like the proverbial tank.

GO GET IT: Available from Sportsmans Warehouse ( -RRP – R1,500

 2) On your bike:

WHAT IS IT: The Silverback Scoop Fatty Fat Bike

WHY DO YOU WANT IT: The latest MTB evolution has seen the development of ‘fat bikes’, with wider tyres enabling you to explore extreme terrain like snow, sand or swamps. The larger footprint tyres offer floatation on these surfaces where regular tyres would sink in. Get ready to put the fun back into your riding with the Fatty Scoop!

DESIGN USPs: Contemporary fat bike geometry incorporates a range of specific frame design features in order to accommodate the large-volume tyres. The BB and rear axle width are increased so to allow the chain line to bypass the large volume tyres without affecting stability too much. The 4.7” tire size requires extreme rims, too, with a width of at least 80mm – 100mm.

GO GET IT: Contact for information on dealers throughout South Africa. RRP – R27,000 (Single Scoop) R14,000 (Double Scoop)

3) On your Bars:

WHAT IS IT: The Runtastic Bike Case for Smart Phones.

WHY DO YOU WANT IT: Easy-peasy … download either the Runtastic Road or Mountain Bike App, pop your phone into this tough bike case and you have a professional cycling computer at your fingertips. Not only is the case shock- and splash-proof, but it also has ports allowing you to connect headphones or a battery pack. Plus, navigating all phone functions is easy through the transparent and touch-sensitive display screen.

DESIGN USPs: The Runtastic Case comes with a universal tool-free mounting bracket for your bike bars, and can be mounted either in Portrait or Landscape. Included foam strips allows you to customise the fit to your phone, accommodating a maximum size of 13.6cm x 7.0cm x 1.2cm. The case is waterproof when closed or water-resistant when seals are open to connect to the phone.

GO GET IT: Available at Due South Stores (check - RRP: R799.00


On the motorized side, we look at three machines similar at first glance, but with many a difference under the hood, so to speak. Read on and see which appeals to your soul...

For the Heart: Range Rover Sport

WHAT IS IT: The Sport is the Range Rover for the young, the hip and the classy (we needn’t point out well-heeled). Slightly smaller than the Range Rover but with similar levels of opulence combined with scintillating performance, the Sport is about as cool as it gets.

WHY DO YOU WANT IT: It’s hard to look past the immense brand appeal of Range Rover, but if you do you will see one of the world’s most competent all-rounders looking back at you. Nimble and quick on any terrain, the Sport can even venture very, very far off the beaten track.

DESIGN USPs: The range of turbocharged diesel V6s and V8s and supercharged petrol V6s and V8s are the best reason to own a Range Rover Sport. The 5-litre V8 petrol produces 375kW and 625Nm and is the epitome of justifiable excess. Remember that the acclaimed Terrain Response 4x4 system comes standard, which is what really sets the Sport apart from its rivals. That, and unheralded levels of luxury.

GO GET IT:  Priced from R916 000 to R1 800 000, the Range Rover comes with a 3-year/100 000km warranty and 5-year/100 000km maintenance plan. Visit for more information.

For the Head: Volvo S60 D4 R-Design

WHAT IS IT: Take a moment, close your eyes and forget everything you know about Volvos. Concentrate on words like ‘square’ and ‘boring’ leaving your mind. Finished? Good – now you can give the Volvo S60 the attention it deserves, because this is a highly desirable luxury sedan 

WHY DO YOU WANT IT: Think of the S60 as the thinking man alternative to offerings from the German triumvirate. Buy one and you’ll be comfortable in the smug knowledge that you’re driving a car because you know better than the sheep following stars, rings and blurred propellers.

DESIGN USPs: Understated elegance is probably the S60’s biggest selling point, but it’s far from the only one. More refined than most of our food, the S60 is an absolute pleasure to drive. The 2-litre turbodiesel engine (133kW and 400Nm) is paired to an eight-speed gearbox for performance, fuel economy (5,5 l/100km) and smooth travels. It is superb. 

GO GET IT: Priced at R473 000, the Volvo S60 D4 R-Design represents a whole lot of car for the money. It comes with a 5-year/100 000km maintenance plan and warranty. Visit

For the Planet: BMW i3

WHAT IS IT: When BMW decides to do something, they do it properly, and BMW has entered the electric vehicle market. Recently launched locally, the i3 is something of a revelation.

WHY DO YOU WANT IT: The fuel price is going up, fuel taxes are up, and that doesn’t even take into account the environmental costs of fossil fuels. The i3 gets around all of these in a stylish little package wrapped up in a carbon fibre frame.

DESIGN USPs: A BMW badge means quality, and the i3 feels like a real BMW, just a silent one. A bank of 8 high-voltage lithium-ion batteries power the 125kW and 250Nm electric motor, which means acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 7,2 seconds and a top speed of 150km/h. Interestingly there is also a i3 REX model, complete with a 650cc petrol engine that doesn’t power the wheels, but can charge the batteries when a power socket is out of reach. Range, the all-important factor with electric cars, is about 130 to 160km per charge, while the range extender adds a further 100km to this.

GO GET IT: Prices are R525 000 for the i3 and R595 00 for the i3 REX. It comes with a 5-year/100 000km maintenance plan and an 8-year/100 000km battery warranty. Visit


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