A new season is always a great time to relook and refresh your wardrobe. As spring is upon us, we turn to the latest runways for inspiration on what we should be wearing, both in and out of the office.

1.     Americana

Yes, we’ve seen it before and will definitely see it again: Americana seems like a classic that shows up every spring/summer. This is not to say the stars and stripes, red, white and blue, isn’t a favourite. If you ask me, nothing beats a Coco Chanel inspired Breton stripe which everyone should own… this trend is slightly harder for men to embrace – I can’t imagine my husband rocking stars to work, but keep the trend in mind when you are picking out your new shirt or casual wear for the season. Navy: tick, white: tick, red: tick! Also, try embracing the vertical strip (as shown on the Versace ramp).

Seen on the runway: Calvin Klein (women), Versace (men)

2.     The 90s

No, not the towelling-lined windbreaker that you packed for camp back in high school. This season’s anoraks have a distinct 90s vibe to them but think more urban and interesting, with great silhouettes and bold colours.

Seen on the runway: Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein

3.     Denim goes fancy

OK, so you aren’t going to wear your bejewelled jeans to work but any time after dark these will be your best friend. Please note: you may not wear these with flats, they are all about the Wow! factor and think about your layering. Look out at Zara – I guarantee they will have them on the shop floor asap. As for men: your denim this season is the indigo jean (and matching jacket if you are brave enough).

Seen on the runway: Valentino (men), Alexander Wang (women)

4.     Colour that gets you noticed

There is nothing subtle or neutral here, the spring palette is all about bright and I am loving it. There are basically two ways to wear this trend: colour blocked or 1 colour: 1 outfit. On first sight, this trend may look a bit daring for you but it’s not: choose a bright dress and you will be bang on trend. How easy is that?

As for the men, pink isn’t going anywhere so you may as well embrace it, but it’s all about the right pink: blush rose is the way to go. I wouldn’t go head to toe pink, even if you are the Millennial of the moment, but think a casual hoodie or a great shirt.

Seen on the runway: Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Dunhill (for men)

5.     Anything transparent

This is such a beautiful, whimsical trend which I love. Skin-showing dresses in structured, clear silhouettes are what makes this trend very 2018: it’s not just the see-through that does it but the garment needs to have interesting lines to it. Note: Not one for the men.

Seen on the runway: Jason Wu, Jeremy Scott

 6.     Mix prints up

Bold patterns came out to play at London Fashion Week and I love the result. Although I have never been very daring with my own fashion, this trend has always spoken to me: mixing the patterns creates the interest and excitement you’ve wanted from your looks. In the office, you might not want to go head to toe crazy print – but work with what you have and what is appropriate: a printed skirt and printed scarf perhaps?

Seen on the runway: Burberry, Emporio Armani

Top tips for shopping for the “it” item of the season:

·      I like to look at the “cost per wear” factor and decide whether an on-trend item is really worth the price. We have a great variety of reasonable stores, which also happen to be the most on-trend with a fast turnover of stock. Think H&M, Cotton On and Mr Price for those very trendy pieces.

·      When trying out trends, remember it is not “dress up” and always avoid looking costumey.

·      You don’t need to embrace a trend for your entire look: choose one item that works for you – the addition of a scarf or bag, a great shirt or a new blazer.



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Suzuki Brezza

Suzuki Brezza